Special Guest: Professor Yoko Ishikura

Are you interested in developing your international network?

TIEC alumni will hold the TIEC Career Forum 2019 & Alumni Reunion 2019 on Sunday, February 3, 2019, 15:00-18:30 at Plaza Heisei, Tokyo International Exchange Center.

Anyone interested in developing international career paths is welcome! TIEC alumni from academia, the service/IT/advertisement industries and more, will be happy to answer your questions.

Participation is FREE, and there will be free FOOD and DRINKS, so don’t miss this event! Don’t miss this special event to meet former and current TIEC residents!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

■ Date
On Sunday, February 3, 2019

■ Venue
3F Plaza Heisei, Tokyo International Exchange Center
15:00-17:00 @Media Hall
17:00-18:30 @Main Foyer

■ Schedule
14:30 Admission starts
15:00 Introduction about Job Hunting in Japan
15:15 (1) Keynote Lecture
16:00 (2) Panel Discussion
16:45 (3) Lightning Talks
17:00 Networking Party (FREE Food and Drinks!!)

【(1) Keynote Lecture】
Professor Yoko ISHIKURA, former Manager at McKinsey & Company Inc. and former Professor at the Graduate School of Hitotsubashi University and the Graduate School of Keio University, currently serves as Non-Executive Director at Shiseido Company, Limited and Nissin Foods Holdings. She received a MBA from the University of Virginia, Darden School of Business and a Doctor of Business Administration from Harvard Business School (USA).
Professor ISHIKURA will talk about her experience as a global leader and give you tips on how to prepare for a career without borders. More details about Yoko ISHIKURA : https://yokoishikura.com/

【(2) Panel Discussion】
TIEC alumni from academia, the service/IT/advertisement industries, and more, will discuss job hunting and working in Japan.

【(3) Lightning Talks】
TIEC alumni will give one-minute speeches to introduce their companies.

*To all TIEC alumni: if you are interested in giving a lightning talk (one-minute each) to introduce your company to TIEC residents/alumni for recruitment, please contact Jun Matsumoto or Haruka Nagamine.*

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