I’m just getting on board with my series of TIEC introductions (which I’ve taken the liberty of making into a series).
This time, we would like to introduce some of the events that were held on a regular basis.

(1) About TIEC
(2) Daily life at TIEC
(3) Regular events at TIEC←This time!
(4) Events hosted during my active time at TIEC
(5) Alumni activities

As in the previous issue, please note that the information presented in this issue is from around 2010 and may include some outdated information.

The RAs were assigned leaders and roles for each event, and they were responsible for organizing the event and working as staff the day before and the day of the event. They were active as staff members.

It was a lot of partying, floor parties, events, etc. I was always busy with events. I think the main thing I did at the events was to interact with international students across the floor. If it was a party, food and drinks were catered, so I distributed them, and if there was a performance event, I had the opportunity to practice and perform with the international students. After all, it was a large group of about 1,000 people. Just interacting with them internally was enough to promote international exchange. Since students from various backgrounds and countries were gathered, listening to the stories of their countries was also a good opportunity for exchange.

Graduate students who were RAs were busy in their own way, so it was difficult to get together during the daytime. However, since they lived in TIEC, they could gather late at night, so the RAs had a chance to get together from around 9:00 p.m. once a month, I think, to decide who would be in charge of various events, discuss planning and management, and confirm the day’s activities, etc. The division of roles was divided into a student council-like RA office, where there was a secretary general, a treasurer, a secretary, and other officers, as well as an event leader, core staff, and staff on the day of the event. Since the Japanese were 10-20% of the total number of TIEC members, I think they were generally obliged to be a staff member of some kind.

If you saw my last post, you may have seen the images of TIEC facilities.
TIEC was well equipped. (I wonder if they still work pretty well?) They are study rooms, tea room, music room, art room, cooking room, common lounge, gymnasium, etc.
I don’t remember the details, but I remember that when I was at TIEC, I was also in a band (I was already a party person) and we practiced regularly.
There was a time when TIEC was facing difficulties and even the risk of shutting down, partly due to the abundance of its facilities, but I am sure another alumni will tell you about how they dealt with this situation.

As I write this, I wonder if TIEC ever intended to have graduate students do research…? No. There are some seniors who are active as researchers, so it would be up to them to do so. However, I have the impression that there are more people who are active in fields other than research in a spectacular way, so I think that people who want to work for an international company, organization or start a venture company aiming for the world are more suited for this program.
I personally would not recommend it to those who just have to do research anyway. There were too many temptations there…

Now that my introductory column is turning around, I would like to introduce “Student Organized Events at TIEC” in the next issue.


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