Now, for the final installment of my turn, I would like to introduce the activities of Alumni.

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TIEC’s Alumni, in essence, is an alumni organization. To be honest, many of the TIEC members are “rear-loaded” (a misnomer), and with the COVID-19 trend, they have not been able to do much in the way of outwardly visible activities. It is for this reason that I took the initiative to write this article.

Let me preface this with the activities of TIEC’s Alumni. The main activity that I am aware of is the organization of the Career Forum. This is an open forum, led by Alumni, for the formation of international career path networking. It has been held three times in the past, and although the nature of the forum differs depending on the organizer, it has provided an opportunity for current TIEC students to consider various careers, and at the same time, it has provided a forum to deepen exchanges between current students and Alumni. At the last Career Forum, there was a lecture by Dr. Yoko Ishikura, a panel discussion by Alumni, mainly international student alumni, about working in Japan, presentations by companies, and much more.

We met several times at Alumni to decide on the policy, to divide the work among the staff, to coordinate with JASSO, to gather speakers, to advertise, etc. I have only supported this forum as a public relations person, so I will let others talk about the details. I have only supported this forum as a PR person, so I will leave the details to others to talk about it.

This is the end of a long turn by Maorin. Stay tuned for next post!


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