【The Star Festival 2017】

Do you know Tanabata? It’s a day the legend of two lovers: Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair) can only meet on in a year. So we will hold a festival to celebrate the day!
————————–About this event————————————
●Date:2017/7/9 (Sun) 11:30~16:00
●Contents & location:
Yukata wearing:11:30-15:30 @ Multipurpose room and art room
(You have to bring back Yukata by 16:30)
Nagashi-Somen:12:00-15:00 @ TIEC central square ( cooking room if it rains )
Watermelon splitting game:14:30-15:00 @ TIEC central square
Uchiwa making:12:00-16:00 @ TIEC central square( Japanese learning room if it rains )

As the main event, we’ll provide drinks and Nagashi-Somen for free of charge from 12 P.M. Also in the later part of the festival, we will enjoy “watermelon splitting” game!

At the same time, we will have an activity of original uchiwa (paper fan) making using traditional marbling design method “suminagashi”, which really goes with Yukata. It is going to be a nice memory for kids and even for adults to experience a traditional handcraft.

Feel free to join us and have fun a Japanese summer tradition!

On that day, you have a chance to try to wear Yukata (a cotton kimono) for free of charge. 
Volunteer instructors lend us Yukata and show us how to wear them! For Yukata wearing, you need to do the reservation, so please check the link below and fill the form not to miss this great opportunity!


We are looking forward to seeing you guys on the event!

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