<July 16th(Fri.), 2016>

Notice of “WILD Music Festival”, and Chorus Members Wanted!!!

HIRO TSUNODA, worldwide jazz drummer & singer, will give a public concert at “WILD Music Festival” in TIEC this year on Saturday, August 27th – Sunday, 28th, 2016. 

We got a chance to sing with HIRO TSUNODA on the stage! Now we are looking for chorus members to sing with him! Whether the one who is not good at singing, or the beginner, anyone welcome! You don’t have to be a good singer! TIEC Alumni members also have a chance to join this wonderful event. Let’s enjoy singing together!

・Rehearsal:  Friday, August 26th 16:00~17:00

・Performance: Sunday, August 28th 19:00~19:30

If you would like to join the performance, please attend at least one lesson.

We will have lessons in Friday, August 5th and Friday, August 19th.

(Time: 18:30~21:30, the closing time might be earlier)

HIRO TSUNODA’s music school teacher will come to TIEC to give singing and dancing lessons to you!

We are waiting for your participation! If you are interested in joining this event, please fill out the application form below. 


*Please enter “0000” for room number.

[WILD Music Festival]

Date: Saturday, August 27th – Sunday, August 28th

Place: International Conference Hall, Plaza Heisei 3F, TIEC

[For more information]

Strategy Planning Unit, Student Exchange Department, JASSO Shima(Mr.), Goto(Mr.), Yamamoto(Mr.)

Tel: 03-5520-6012

E-mail: tiecproject[@]jasso.go.jp

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