<February 28, 2015(Sat.)>
TIEC “Love Our Home” event will be held.

We will notify you as soon as we find out the schedule.

LOH has the theme every year.
Masquerade was two years ago.
WONDERLAND was last year.
and What is the theme for this year….

STAR WARS will release next December.
SPACE!! must be the very HOT topic this year.
So We are definitely ahead of time and

The theme for this year is ……SPACE!!

Don’t miss it!!

This is the info. about Graduate and Farewell party at TIEC.

Love Our Home 2015
Day: Feb.28th

Admission FREE

It will be the last party with people who graduate and leave TIEC.

#Party Schedule
1st Stage:14:00-16:00
2nd Stage: After finished 1st Stage-19:45

The purpose of this party is
Appreciate very much all support from JASSO and Administration center.
and enhance deepen the mutual friendship between TIEC residents and OB and OG,

We hope TIEC will be ‘Home, Sweet Home’ to the people who are living away from your country, now and forever.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the party!


TIEC “Love Our Home” event was held.

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