<October 18, 2014(Sat.)>

Autumn Bazaar & Welcome Party

Hi TIEC friends!!
We organize Autumn Bazaar and Welcome Event for New residents. We hope it will be wonderful shopping time as well as time and enhance TIEC friendship!!

【Date and Time】Saturday, Oct 18, 11:00 〜 20:30
【Main Program】
①11:00 ~15:30 Bazaar: Japanese instruction room, Study room B
– Tea Ceremony Experience:Courtyard *Lobby at A building in the case of rain
– Calligraphy Experience:Courtyard *Lobby at B building in the case of rain
– Art of flower arrangement:Art room
– Event for Kid’s☆Make a Medal craft:Courtyard *Common Kitchen in the case of rain

②17:30~20:30 Welcome party:Courtyard *Gymnasium in the case of rain
– Bingo game
– Free drinks

☆As for Bazaar☆

What we have now: Business suits, sweaters,sports shirts, shoes, sandals, towels, summer blankets, bed sheets, glasses, plates, electric devices, bags and so on….. (Used items and new items are mixed)


1. Returns will not be accepted

2. Leaving the commodity before payment cannot be allowed

3. Used items are included. No refund policy, check before you buy.

4.To try to put on ONLY available shopping area.

☆5. If you want to use cardboards, it is ONLY for PURCHASED items. Before payment, you cannot use cardboard and cannot put commodities into cardboard boxes.

6. Please prepare a lot of coins for purchase. we will prepare changes but it helps a lot!

7. Avoid the purchase goods for the purpose of resale.

8. We may require you to show your TIEC card since this is special chance for the residents.

This bazaar is considered as an official event started for the new TIEC residents to equip daily necessities to start their life in Japan, supported by Admin office at TIEC with kind collaboration with an NPO, Action for a Better International Community (ABIC). RA secretariat is responsible for planning and preparation.

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